File Formats:

The postscript images are the highest quality, all the other files are derived from them, TIF and PCL are lower resolution, often 150dpi. GIF images are generally only the lowest resolution. All the GIF and TIF images were generated by Ghostscipt.

Using Postscipt

If you need a Postscript viewer, get the latest version of Ghostscript (v6.01+) and GSVIEW (a windows shell for GS). Beware with large paper sizes, GSVIEW may trim a perfectly printable document. They are much better able to read graphics than previous versions. Get GS and GSView information from and files from

If you are have a PS printer and use Windows 9X, then to print the PS file you have to:

Most of the graphics files can be veiwed,printed or converted to other formats by using ALCHEMY (use archie to find a copy) In particular, it will print the tif G4 files we use onto Laserjets (hp pcl)

Many of the printable documents are be formatted for A4 paper. Join the modern world today.

Using Mathcad Files

A free Mathcad Explorer program is available at You can use the live calculation, but not save the altered file.

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