PP06 Software Map

This is description of all the files in the CVS and releases, and the tools you need to build PP06



Currently it compiles using:

Most compiling and debugging is done using Borland C3.1 IDE. It is fast, simple and reliable. This makes the executable PP06.EXE

Borland C 5.0 was used for making the windows version PPWIN.EXE. It can also compile a dos version PPDOS.EXE

Now I use the free Borland C 5.5 free compiler have included make files from BC5 that work with this. Probably you can use Kylix 3 now that it includes a C compiler

The Linux version is compiled using the free Borland Kylix 3 Open Edition

Thanks to Edmund Harfman you can compile with Microsoft Visual C

Autoduck is a free MS program that is used to make a source code help file (PP06.HLP) from tags in the C source (eg @func). This was begun late, so there are only a few tags so far. This HLP file gives me a context sensitive software reference from within the editor (Multiedit 9).

InstallShield Express is used to make a windows install

Putty is used as the SSH client for working with the sourceforge shell.

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